Advanced PDF Tricks (A.P.T) - a Workshop-style Presentation to Understand the PDF File Format

March 19, 2015 (at 1:30 p.m.) in Hands-On Track

This session is NOT about analyzing exploits but about learning to manipulate PDF contents. Among others

It's an extended session (2 hours) to leave the audience time to try by themselves actively. The slides' PDF is entirely hand-written to explain clearly each fact, so the presentation slides themselves will be the study materials.

Ange Albertini

Ange Albertini is a reverse engineer and author of Corkami.

Kurt Pfeifle

Kurt Pfeifle is a freelance IT consultant specializing in topics evolving around production printing and print data generation and conversion. One of his customers nicknamed him "The two-legged PDF Debugger". He has no background in infosec -- however, his record for answering PDF-related technical questions on Stackoverflow so far is un-matched. In a long distant past, he contributed ~200 pages about print-related topics to "The Official Samba Howto And Reference Guide", published as a printed book by the Samba Team with Prentice Hall, now included as HTML and PDF in all full Samba distributions. He is also asked from time to time to write print- or PDF-related articles by editors of some German IT publications (such as iX, c't or Linux-Magazin).