Cellular Hacking Workshop

To stay interconnected we are using cellular networks all around the world. The network is offering us many services such as voice, short messaging and Internet access in smartphones but also a lot of IoT devices. The workshop will explain mobile communications on a technical level and assist in setting up a cellular lab based on OpenSource. We will set up our own full man-in-the-middle IMSI-Catcher (aka Stingray/FakeBTS) to understand mobile communication on a deeper technical level, but also to demonstrate how insecure such interfaces can be. Further exercises will demonstrate how the lab can be utilized for penetration testing of devices using 2G/3G/4G networks (Data interception, SMS Fuzzing) and applying common penetration testing methods to our targets.


  • Laptop with Virtualbox installed
  • Virtualbox Host Extensions
  • Free space for ~20GB VM
  • Administrative Rights on Laptop

About the Speakers