Introducing Faction: A modern, powerful, multiplayer C2 framework

Faction is a brand new C2 framework that focuses on operational security, flexibility, and teamwork. Its API focused design provides the foundation for secure communications across any transport method to any agent that can speak its language.

It started with wanting to build a .NET remote access tool, but as we built the backend we stumbled upon an even cooler idea: What would our dream C2 backend look like? It would be secure, easy to understand and extend, well documented, flexible, and it would support multiple operators working together. So we decided to build that too.

Faction is a framework built to serve as the foundation for truly flexible and secure C2 tooling. It handles agent and operator interactions through a clean, well documented, real-time API. Multiple operators can interact with Faction through its web-based console, viewing each other’s commands and actions as they happen. On the agent side, messaging is handled through JSON messages making it easy develop your own custom agents.

A big focus in designing Faction was to provide a secure foundation for people to build on top of. Faction achieves that with features like role-based access control and encrypted communications that are unique per agent, ensuring data integrity and security no matter what transport method is being used.

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