CypherDog 2.0 - Attackers think in Graphs, Managements needs Metrics...

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Over the last couple of years, Bloodhound has become the tool of choice in the red team toolbox when it comes to Active Directory Recon. Even though it was originally designed for offensive purposes, BloodHound can also be very useful for Blue Teamers and regular Active Directory Administrators wanting to gain visibility on their domains and forests. In this demo driven session, I will present the latest version of CypherDog 2.0, a PowerShell Module to interact with the BloodHound database by sending cypher queries to its REST API. Doing so expands the tool capabilities, and I will demonstrate how to query and manipulate the Bloodhound data from the command line, extract relevant Active Directory Metrics from the database, calculate the cheapest attack path, or blacklist nodes from path queries via cypher and more… All this, without the need to master the Neo4j database query language. This latest version of the CypherDog PowerShell Module reflects all the features that have been added to the Bloodhound UI since version 2.0 and allows for advanced Bloodhound automation with a set of simple PowerShell Cmdlets.


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