Hack my Talk! But it's deployed on Kubernetes

The adoption of Kubernetes in enterprises continues to grow rapidly, which increasingly pushes the security of Kubernetes to the center of attention. This talk, is intended to get you thinking about hacking my presentation using various complex attack vectors on Kubernetes clusters on which the talk is deployed.

Hack my Talk!, aims to demonstrate that despite the complexity of a Kubernetes cluster, the corresponding security design is not as complex as many assume. In this talk, we will take a look at Kubernetes clusters to better understand more complex attacks. We will use the previously discussed attack scenarios to get our own idea of Kubernetes security.

In order to better understand Kubernetes, we will first explain basic functionalities and start with simple attack vectors on Kubernetes clusters. Afterwards, different attack scenarios on Kubernetes clusters will encourage you to think about and solve them yourself. During the whole talk we will use an example application as a guideline: My TROOPERS22 Talk. Finally, we will categorize the attacks and perform a security assessment for the sample application.

If you’re the type of hacker who is scared off by Kubernetes, then this talk is for you!

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