Docker, Kubernetes & Security in Enterprise Environments (On-site Training)

In this course, you will learn the technological basics behind Docker and Kubernetes. You will be able to understand how those technologies affect your application and network landscapes and how to secure them. To better understand the knowledge imparted, all topics covered in this course are accompanied by exercises and demonstrations.

Container, Microservices, Kubernetes - all of these terms dominate the modern application development teams and processes. In this course you will learn the technological basics behind those terms and find answers to the following questions:

  • How strong/reliable are the isolation mechanisms behind Docker/Linux/OS-Containers?
  • How do Containers affect the typical application and network landscapes?
  • How does Kubernetes affect application deployment and operations?
  • What are potential interfaces between “security” and these paradigms?
  • What additional security challenges arise from the changed development landscape and new toolchains?

All topics are supported by practical exercises. Throughout the workshop participants will obtain an in-depth knowledge of the described topics and their impact on application architectures, development, and security. As part of the workshop, all participants will create a fully functional Kubernetes Cluster and apply and test the learned skills.

About the Speakers