The Anatomy of Windows Telemetry Part 2

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Telemetry has become an integral part of modern software, enabling the collection and transmission of data for remote analysis. However, the widespread use of telemetry raises significant concerns related to data content, security, and privacy. This talk focuses on Windows Telemetry within the context of Windows 10.

Building upon the foundation laid by the talk “The Anatomy of Windows Telemetry” presented at Trooper 2019, we delve deeper into the subject matter. We begin by briefly exploring the utilization of Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) to gain insights into the behavior of applications. By leveraging this technique, we apply profiling to examine Windows Telemetry. Through profiling, we effectively collect data and provide insights into the types of telemetry data collected. During the presentation, we showcase the contents of selected telemetry data, shedding light on potential implications. By highlighting the risks and impacts associated with such profiling techniques, we emphasize the importance of understanding the potential consequences.

Finally, to facilitate informed decision-making regarding telemetry usage, a practical approach is discussed that considers the trade-offs between data collection, security, and privacy.

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