Forensic Security Monitoring in Automotive Cybersecurity: Unveiling Challenges and Prospects

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The widespread use of interconnected automotive systems has introduced a complex landscape of cybersecurity threats, making it necessary to have strong forensic security monitoring. Our analysis will delve into the intricate web of IT and in-vehicle technologies in the automotive industry. We will examine the delicate balance of maintaining continuous security oversight amidst evolving international regulations, such as the UN ECE, and the growing trend of cyber-attacks that pose a threat to vehicles, supply chains, and infrastructure.

In this presentation, we will articulate the specific challenges that come with forensic security monitoring, including the complexities of software diagnostics, the interpretation of complex cryptography, and the legal intricacies of cross-border data handling. By dissecting real-world incidents, we will uncover the opportunities for technological and procedural enhancements.

We will propose a strategic approach that focuses on integrating cutting-edge automation and AI-driven analytics to improve incident detection and post-event analysis. Our goal is to empower the automotive sector with a forensic security framework that not only addresses current vulnerabilities but also anticipates future threats, turning challenges into a springboard for cybersecurity innovation.

In our presentation, we will discuss the latest technologies in automotive ecosystems and their connection with comprehensive security monitoring. We will highlight the increasing number of cyber attacks and the role of software complexity and cryptographic systems. Additionally, we will examine the limitations of the automotive infrastructure and how to handle them wisely. We will discuss privacy-related information requirements and present approaches using technologies like AI to respond to these challenges. Our aim is to create a comprehensive understanding of the need for robust security monitoring in the automotive industry and identify practical solutions.

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