Payment Systems: The Art of Analyzing Mag-stripe, Tokenization, NFC and EMV Technologies

Payment Systems training offers a holistic approach to understanding and mastering the intricacies of various banking data formats such as EMV, NFC, Tokenized, and Magstripe. Instead of merely concentrating on specific tools, our emphasis is on the underlying methodologies and communication protocols. This approach ensures a more profound and enduring grasp of the subject matter.

The training is meticulously structured around different technologies and their respective communication protocols. This division facilitates an easier and more comprehensive understanding, enabling participants to effectively conceptualize techniques. Our intensive hands-on sessions are designed to immerse students in real-world scenarios that center on EMV standards. This not only provides a practical perspective but also challenges them to discern how malicious entities might navigate, exploit, or bypass security mechanisms within payment systems. Furthermore, participants will gain insights into the countermeasures implemented across various technologies, ensuring that they are well-equipped to anticipate and address potential vulnerabilities.

There are many questions that this training will try to solve, such as, how difficult was to make a contact or NFC relay attack? Is it possible? What type of hardware is involved in attack surface? What are the limitations in a relay approach and its characteristics? Is it possible to replay a tokenized number from a third-party technology? Or to downgrade an EMV transaction in the actual payment systems? Can we relay contact EMV data over internet?

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