Hacking Mobile Apps

This Workshop is an excellent gateway to learn hacking mobile apps, including android, iOS and hybrid apps. You will learn the methodology of detecting the OWASP Top 10 types of vulnerabilities of mobile apps. Additionally, you get equipped with tools to exploit these vulnerabilities. On the top of that, the workshop also includes attacking the app’s backend API. This workshop requires no experience in hacking nor in mobile apps development. It is loaded with exercises and demos to make learning practical and also fun.

This workshop combines what you need to learn hacking and pentesting of mobile apps. In addition to the 2 most popular types: android, iOS, this workshop discusses hybrid mobile apps, which get more popular every day. The workshop offers many demos and exercises. We use powerful online emulators that makes the online learning experience as real as possible.

In this workshop you learn:

  • The methodology of hacking mobile apps
  • OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities of mobile apps
  • Static and dynamic analysis of mobile apps
  • The required tools to pentest and hack mobile apps
  • Using Frida to manipulate apps
  • Measures to secure your mobile app
  • Relating mobile apps to web apps and finding common vulnerabilities

What we prepared for you

  • Dedicated chapters for android, iOS and hybrid apps.
  • A Virtual Box Virtual machine that contains all required tools.
  • Vulnerable apps developed specially for this workshop.

Who can attend this workshop?

The workshop does not require any experience in hacking or coding, because it starts from the very basics. It fits for everyone interested in the topic of mobile application security, including but not limited to:

  • Penetration testers and security analysts starting to look at mobile applications
  • Mobile application developers who want to understand why security is important
  • IT-Professionals transitioning to security
  • Anyone interested in mobile security


  • Laptop with Virtual Box and at least 40GB of disk space, 6GB of RAM.
  • A willingness to learn

About the Speakers