The Past 10 Years of Automotive Vulnerabilities

In this talk I’d like to give an overview of as many automotive hacks of the past 10 years as will fit in 60 minutes content-wise, and specifically adress the technical details of the underlying vulnerabilities. It didn’t start with Miller/Valasek, and certainly didn’t stop there.

Automotive hacking has received A LOT of attention in the recent past, and can get very confusing if one tries to keep an overview of how any of these hacks were conducted, and why they worked. Books have been written, and talks were given, but there are hardly any timelines available. Also for new people in this exciting field, there is no everything-in-a-nutshell presentation to get one started.

This talk will try to fix this, and present the technical details of automotive hacking and vulnerabilities of the past 10 years.

TBD: List of referenced vulnerabilities

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