Security Aspects of IPv6 Multi-Interface and Source/Destination Routing

March 14, 2016 (at noon) in Day 1 Track 1


Recent works in the MIF, routing working groups of the IETF are about supporting simultaneous use of several interfaces as well as discovering the provisioning domain (PvD): default search domain, recursive DNS servers, prefix to be used, … Another recent topic is about source/destination routing where the source address is also used in the forwarding decision. The talk will briefly present those recent work items, then it will focus on their security impacts (denial of service, spoofing, …).

Eric Vyncke

Eric Vyncke is a Distinguished Engineer based in the Brussels office of Cisco Systems. His main current technical focus is about security and IPv6. He has designed several secured large IPsec networks and other security related designs. In his work for the IETF, he co-authored RFC 3585, 5514, 7381 and 7404 and is active in V6OPS, 6MAN and OPSEC working groups. His recent works are related to IPv6 including co-authoring a book on IPv6 Security; he also authored a book on layer-2 security. Eric is the current co-chair of the Belgian IPv6 Council. is well-known for several years to collect statistics about IPv6 deployment. He is also a visiting professor for security topics at the University of Mons. He is an adjunct professor at HEC, the business school of University of Liège, Belgium. He holds a CISSP certification, is a member of ISSA and speaks frequently at international conferences. He’s presented at Troopers several times, like in 2015 on Segment Routing.

Twitter: @evyncke