Remote Access and Business Partner Connections

March 15, 2016 (at 11:15 a.m.) in Day 2 Track 1


Connecting business partners is the subject of fierce debates in many IPv6 planning teams, as existing architectures from the IPv4 world can not easily be transformed to an IPv6 world for a number of technical reasons and because the overall addressing strategy will change in quite some organizations. In this talk I will discuss potential approaches, together with an evaluation of their respective advantages/disadvantages and I will try to provide an outlook which types of challenges we’ll see in complex setups (and, maybe, how to solve them).

Enno Rey

Enno Rey @Enno_Insinuator is an old school network security guy who has been involved with IPv6 since 1999. In the last years he has contributed to many IPv6 projects in very large environments, both on a planning and on a technical implementation level.