Tools for Troubleshooting and Monitoring IPv6 Networks continued

March 15, 2016 (at 3:30 p.m.) in Day 2 Track 2


Once you have read all about the IPv6 in theory and want to get started, e.g. by setting up your first IPv6 enabled lab things become complicated. If you are very lucky there is a nice GUI to configure everything. But latest when you need to troubleshoot the first time you need the common console tools. At this point, not knowing the IPv6 specific syntax and options, it can be quite frustrating because before even digging into the problem you have to find out yourself about the usage itself. To offload you a bit of this pain, in this course we will introduce you to a selection of tools considered most important by us. It will be both, CLI and GUI based tools and we aim to use the tools on multiple OS plat-forms (Windows, OS X and Linux) as long as possible. Particular focus will be on network monitoring with SNMP. The workshop contains two sections, starting with a bit of theory presented by us before you can get your hands dirty yourself. Troopers crew will provide us with a sophisticated environment to play with for this second part.


You need a laptop with an Ethernet interface and a recent version of VMware Player installed (of course, Workstation / Fusion works as well). We will provide you with an Ubuntu Linux virtual machine, pre-staged with a lot of CLI and GUI based tools. In addition, in advance to the conference we will provide you with download links of CLI and GUI tools for Windows and OS X.

Gabriel Müller

During his studies in electrical engineering at ETH Zurich Gabriel Mueller specialized on networks and network security. He works as a senior consultant at AWK Group, assisting clients in the public and private sectors as project manager and expert in the network area. In his role as a network administrator at AWK, he regularly gathers practical experience in the company's network.

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