Anonymization IPv6 in PCAPs - Challenges and Wins

March 14, 2016 (at 4:15 p.m.) in Day 1 Track 2

Distributing packet capture files (PCAPs) is often required in situations where the information contained in the packets is an important binary log for troubleshooting or identifying/verifying attack patterns. Since packets usually contain confidential or sensitive information a sanitization needs to be performed before being able to share the files. In this talk we'll look at some general challenges as well as how IPv6 has advantages over IPv4 and where it is more complicated to achieve correct results.

Jasper Bongertz

Jasper Bongertz is a Senior Technical Consultant at Airbus Defence and Space CyberSecurity and started working freelance in 1992 while he began studying computer science at the Technical University of Aachen. In 2009, Jasper became a Senior Consultant and Trainer for Fast Lane, where he created a large training portfolio with a special focus on Wireshark. In 2013, he joined Airbus Defence and Space CyberSecurity, focusing on IT security, Incident Response and Network Forensics.