Hacking 101

From March 19, 2012 to March 20, 2012

In the course of two days this workshop provides you with insights into a broad variety of hacking techniques. Experts from ERNW show you everything from basic principles up to the latest tricks of modern computer warfare.

It’s no secret that only well trained IT security experts are able to defend their assets. Now following the facts of life that you have to protect all possible vectors, but the attacker only needs to find one single weakness in your framework it seems to be impossible to succeed in the long run.

Know your enemy.

With this workshop we turn the tables: You’ll learn to think and act with the mindset of an attacker. Understanding their routine, tools and logic will enable you to gain a novel outside perspective onto your current setups. You’ll find yourself capable of locating and addressing the most pressing threats faster and more efficient with this knowledge.

This session is brought to you by seasoned experts from ERNW. With loads of experience in the field, pentesting is said to be their favorite discipline in the world of IT security. Bringing your own equipment is advised. Please let us know if you would prefer to work with our hardware.

One more thing.

At some point you have to test your skills under real world conditions. The ultimate goal of this session is to assemble a strong team for the PacketWars competition on Wednesday evening. But we aware! With great power, comes great responsibility and therefore there is only one plausible goal to aim for: Victory.

Participation is voluntary, but strongly recommended.