Keynote: You and Your Research

March 22, 2012 (at 9 a.m.) in Attack & Research

What does it take to do quality research? What stops you from being a one-hit wonder? Is there an age limit to productive hackery? What are the key ingredients needed and how can you up your chances of doing great work? In a talk unabashedly stolen from far greater minds we hope to answer these questions and discuss their repercussions.

Haroon Meer

Haroon Meer is the founder of Thinkst, an applied research company with a deep focus on information security. Haroon has contributed to several books on information security and has published a number of papers on various topics related to the field. Over the past decade he has delivered research talks and keynotes at conferences around the world.

At Troopers12 Haroon Meer he gave a quite inspiring keynote on "You & Your Research".

Twitter: @haroonmeer