Reverse Engineering

From March 16, 2015 to March 17, 2015

Participants will be introduced to the reverse engineering of closed-source software on Windows platforms following a structured approach. All necessary tools and methods will be introduced. Their correct and efficient usage will be taught, including practical examples and exercises. The goal of this workshop is to enable participants to successfully conduct reverse engineering projects in a efficient and structured way. Success factors and alternate approaches will also be discussed.



Jayson Salazar

Jayson Salazar currently works as a penetration tester at the ERNW GmbH. The focus of his work lies mostly in the areas of application and network security. In addition to security trainings, he actively takes part in security assessments of network infrastructures and web applications in enterprise environments.

Michael Thumann

Michael Thumann is Chief Security Officer and head of the ERNW application security team. He has published security advisories regarding topics like ‘Cracking IKE Preshared Keys’ and Buffer Overflows in Web Servers/VPN Software/VoIP Software. Michael enjoys sharing his self-written security tools (e.g. ‘tomas – a Cisco Password Cracker’, ‘ikeprobe – IKE PSK Vulnerability Scanner’ or ‘dnsdigger – a dns information gathering tool’) and his experience with the community. Besides numerous articles and papers he wrote the first (and only) German Pen-Test Book that has become a recommended reading at german universities.

In addition to his daily pentesting tasks he is a regular conference-speaker (e.g. Blackhat, HITB and RSA Conference) and has also contributed exploit code to the Metasploit Framework. With more than 10 years of experience in computer security Michaels’ main interest is to uncover vulnerabilities and security design flaws from the network to the application level and reverse almost everything to understand the inner working.