IPv6 First Hop Security in Virtualized Environments

March 17, 2015 (at 1:45 p.m.)

In many organisations so-called First Hop Security (FHS) features are an essential part of their IPv6 deployment planning in the data center. There's one (not too) small problem though: while FHS features have reached a certain maturity and stability on some platforms (namely Cisco IOS), their availability on virtual switches is still sparse. This talk will give an overview which features are available on common virtual switches in VMware ESX and MS Hyper-V environments as of March 2015, how they compare to their "physical counterparts" in terms of configuration and actual security benefit provided, and how to cope with specifics of virtualised environments (think VM mobility).

Christopher Werny

Christopher has been involved with IPv6 since 2005 and has performed a number of IPv6 planning, implementation and troubleshooting projects & tasks since then. He leads the network security team at ERNW.