Hardware Hacking

From March 14, 2016 to March 15, 2016

Hardware Hacking is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you get before cracking open the case. As such we're just in the middle of voiding a few warranties and putting together an agenda for the course. We will publish a detailed description as soon as we've selected and created perfect victims to be broken by you.

As a general overview the course will contain:

The overall course will follow a learning by doing principle. As such we will prepare a testbed and you will have to get your hands dirty.

All in all it will be an introduction to hardware hacking (all the way from unboxing to owning the device) for both beginners and intermediate attendees. For this course motivation and curiosity are far more important than previous experience.

Brian Butterly

Brian Butterly is a security researcher and pentester for the Mobile Security Team at ERNW. Coming from the field of electrical engineering he tends to seek alternate approaches when looking at new devices. He recently started a research project on the functionialty and security in LTE networks.

Stefan Kiese

Stefan works as a security analyst at ERNW and has extensive experience in hardware security.

Through his former work he has background in SCADA and R&D of embedded systems. His personal main areas of interest are embedded systems, the IoT and – of course – their security issues.