Crypto for Developers

March 14, 2016 (at 9 a.m.)


This is a practice-oriented crypto course. It's intended for anyone implementing crypto, using crypto libraries or APIs, reviewing crypto implementations, selecting crypto schemes, or designing new ones. You'll learn the core notions and concepts and you'll see examples of failures and attacks and how to avoid them. The agenda is flexible and will be adapted to the audience. I'd like to have an interactive course, where you can share your experience and learn from others'


The tentative roadmap is as follows:

Useful references to check before the training:

Jean-Philippe Aumasson

Jean-Philippe (JP) Aumasson is Principal Research Engineer at Kudelski Security, in Switzerland. He designed the popular cryptographic functions BLAKE2 and SipHash, and the new authenticated cipher NORX. He has spoken at Black Hat, DEFCON, RSA, CCC, SyScan, Troopers. He initiated the Crypto Coding Standard and the Password Hashing Competition projects, co-wrote the 2015 book "The Hash Function BLAKE", and will release a new cryptography book in 2017 for a wider audience. JP tweets as @veorq.