TelcoSecDay: New Age Phreacking: Magic tricks for wholesale fraud.

March 15, 2016 (at 9 a.m.) in The "Telco Security Day" (TSD) is an additional event to Troopers. It takes place on Tuesday the 15th. As the event aims to bring together only researchers, vendors and practitioners from the telecommunication / mobile security field, it is an invitation only event. The event is intended to be a discussion round for current topics accompanied by talks covering various subjects from different domains (e.g. practical security research or hacking, 3GPP standardization, Telco security operations). The TSD is a closed event and no filming will be allowed or recording will take place. It will be held in English. The agenda is publicly available and will be published here soon. Please note there is also a Shared Dinner at 19:30 for TSD Speakers and Attendees. For questions, talk submissions or invitation requests, please contact

Every day we make millions of calls routed through a number of wholesale providers, which we can take advantage of. We will discuss how the wholesale world operates, analyzing diverse types of fraud which can be performed through intermediate carriers to obtain a monetary benefit, some of them legally.

David Batanero

David Batanero enjoys telecommunications. He is currently the anti-fraud manager in a multi-national telecommunications company where he plays with the bad guys and carries out research. He has given talks at G-Con II/III, in Mexico in 2003/2004, at uCon, in Brazil in 2009, at t2 in Finland in 2009, at EISI III in Colombia in 2009 and at Ekoparty in Argentina in 2015. Ever since he was young, he has enjoyed disassembling and toying with any device he comes across, even if he might end up with left-over components when it needs to put it back together again. He is a tireless traveler, though his goddaughter calls him the "crazy uncle."