Planes, Trains and Automobiles: The Internet of Deadly Things

March 16, 2016 (at 5:15 p.m.)

"When world's collide!" is not just another random Seinfeld reference, it is the wake-up call for all security practitioners and cyber savvy citizens. Cyber was once the exclusive domain of digital denizens but now digital digits can reach out and "touch" someone.

As more and more discretion is taken away from human operators and assigned to autonomous & semi-autonomous systems, our safety becomes dependent on ubiquitous sensor networks that are "Connected". New threat catalogs are required to design systems that are safe and secure. The speaker will articulate the attack surface, move beyond the hype and propose reasonable response strategies for surviving in a world where cyber and physical intersect.

The session blends several timely themes; Cyber, IoT, Pervasive Surveillance, Privacy, M2M Communications, Discretion and Trust Enhanced Risk Management in a unique way designed to educate practitioners to the necessity of understanding multiple domains -when worlds collide.

Bryan Fite

Bryan K. Fite: A committed security practitioner and entrepreneur, Bryan is currently a Senior Cyber Physical Security Consultant at BT. Having spent over 25 years in mission-critical environments, Bryan is uniquely qualified to advise organizations on what works and what doesn't. Bryan has worked with organizations in every major vertical throughout the world and has established himself as a trusted advisor. "The challenges facing organizations today require a business reasonable approach to managing risk, trust and limited resources while protecting what matters."

He is also the creator of PacketWars™ ( the World’s premier Cyber Sport.