Advance APT Attribution for researchers

March 15, 2016 (at 2:45 p.m.) in The "Telco Security Day" (TSD) is an additional event to Troopers. It takes place on Tuesday the 15th. As the event aims to bring together only researchers, vendors and practitioners from the telecommunication / mobile security field, it is an invitation only event. The event is intended to be a discussion round for current topics accompanied by talks covering various subjects from different domains (e.g. practical security research or hacking, 3GPP standardization, Telco security operations). The TSD is a closed event and no filming will be allowed or recording will take place. It will be held in English. The agenda is publicly available and will be published here soon. Please note there is also a Shared Dinner at 19:30 for TSD Speakers and Attendees. For questions, talk submissions or invitation requests, please contact

One of the biggest challenge and question raised in cybersecurity is ""who"" attacked your organization and ""why"" . In our talk we explain how it is possible to attribute the attackers of a targeted APT campaign.

The talk would be based on our analysis on an APT Teams specialized in targeting private Organizations using Mobile Malwares . We would explain in our talk how we traced the attackers, identified their infrastructures, tools they used to attack their targets. The talk would help people understanding APT groups targeting private Organization and how the culprits could be tracked. Since the attackers mainly target government contractors and private companies, we would explain the many ways an organization could stop such attacks. The targeted audience of the talk would be anyone who want's to know mobile malware analysis and how to Gather Intelligence on Targeted Attacks.

Rahul Sasi

Rahul has over 7 years of experience in security, research and product development. He has authored multiple security tools, advisories and articles. He has been invited to speak at various security conferences like HITB (AMS 2012,2013,2014), HITB [KL 2014], BlackHat (EU,US 2012,2013), EKoparty (Ar 2013,2015), CanSecwest(Ca 2013), HITCON(2013), Cocon (2011-2014), Nullcon (2011-2015). He is the founder and CTO of CloudSek a Machine learning based threat detection technology. Prior to founding Cloudsek he was a Sr Engineer at Citrix where he held the responsibility of making Citrix products hack proof.