Hacking 101

From March 20, 2017 to March 21, 2017

This two day workshop gives an insight to a broad variety of hacking techniques. Experts from ERNW show you everything from basic principles up to common and more advanced tricks to break modern security mechanisms. The subjects of this workshop cover network security, low level software exploitation, reverse engineering, web application hacking and more.

As an attendee you will learn to think and act with the mindset of an attacker. Understanding their routine, tools and procedures will enable you to gain a novel outside perspective onto your current setups and deployments. With this knowledge you will find yourself capable of locating and addressing the most pressing threats faster and more efficiently.

This session is brought to you by seasoned experts from ERNW. With loads of experience in the field, pentesting is said to be their favorite discipline in the world of IT security.

Things to bring:

Malte Heinzelmann

Malte Heinzelmann is currently studying Applied Computer Science at Heidelberg University and works as a Security Analyst at ERNW. He mainly performs penetration tests focussing on web application security. Besides his work for ERNW he regularly participates in speed game development contests.

Sven Nobis

Niklaus Schiess

Niklaus Schiess is a Security Analyst at ERNW focussing on application and network security. He has vast experience in assessing complex, large-scale network infrastructures, protocols, and applications. Besides conducting penetration tests for ERNW, he spends quite some time participating in capture the flag hacking contests.