Contribute to TROOPERS!

Once again it is time for TROOPERS

TROOPERS19 was an extraordinary event (Check out the Archives)! The 12th year of TROOPERS was filled with talks, trainings, and new members becoming part of our TROOPERS family. How could we possibly top it for TROOPERS20? But of course we are going to give it a try and YOU can be part of it!

Your favorite week filled with high-end IT-Security takes place in the beautiful city of Heidelberg, Germany from March 16-20, 2020! Here you’ll find information on how to contribute to TROOPERS20. Besides the traditional call for papers, we are also interested in training submissions.

Call For Trainings (TR20-CfT)

At TROOPERS we love hands-on and highly technical trainings, and our attendees do too! Our trainings take place the Monday and Tuesday of TROOPERS Week.

Trainer Privileges

If you are the 1st Trainer at TROOPERS:
 We will cover 750 EUR for flying within Europe or 1800 USD for flying internationally, five nights of accommodation, plus some evening fun for Conference Speakers. An honorarium is provided according to the number of attendees present at the training.

If you are the 2nd Trainer at TROOPERS:
We will cover five nights of accommodations in addition to some evening fun for our Speakers.

Please note: If you need assistance getting special equipment ordered for your training please email

How to submit a CFT

CFT submissions must include the following information:

  • Brief biography including list of publications and papers published previously.
  • Proposed training title & synopsis/description.
  • Please state who will be considered the 1st Trainer and who will be the 2nd Trainer if there is more than one. 
  • Why is your material different or innovative or significant?
  • Have you given this training before? If so, where?
  • Will there be your training include a new tool or white paper release?
  • Contact Information (full name, alias, handle, e-mail, postal address, phone).
  • Employment and/or affiliations information.
  • By agreeing to train at TROOPERS20 you are granting ERNW Insight GmbH the rights to reproduce, distribute, and advertise your training including but not limited to, printed and/or electronic advertisements, and all other mediums. We donot publish materials or video tape trainings.

Important Dates

  • CfT ends on: November 3, 2019
  • Final Notification: November 25, 2019
  • The Trainings: March 16-17, 2020