RFID/NFC: Rise of Proxmark3 - directors' cut

You will enjoy hacking with RFID/NFC cards and devices by means of open source. Several tools will be presented such as the SCL3711, RFIDler, HydraNFC, Chameleon Rev E rebooted, brand new Chameleon Rev G rebooted, but the primarily tool being used in this training is the Proxmark3 RDV4, the latest and most featured of the Proxmark3 generations (additional onboard storage, SIM interface, swappable antennas, etc).
You will have plenty of time to get familiar with the Proxmark3 RDV4 and operate it by yourself in various conditions and challenges.
During both days you will deal with different types of the most common transponders that can be found in the wild (aka tags, tokens, etc.), guided by Doegox and Iceman themselves, who will make sure you have a pleasant and instructive time.

The workshop covers RFID from the Low Frequency band (mainly used for individual physical access to buildings, garages, hotels, etc.) to the High Frequency band, where credit cards, passports, but also NFC come into play.
You will understand which type of access cards can be emulated or even cloned.

We will discuss some case studies, practical hacks and lessons learned from working systems that can be found in the wild, including ePassports, RFID Toys, Credit Cards, Entry systems (PACS), transport ticket systems and Host-based Card Emulation.

To setup your development environment, there are guides on the Proxmark3 RDV4 github repo which are essential to follow. If everyone comes prepared we can have better focus during the workshop on using / compiling / flashing / jtaging the proxmark3 device.

If you already have a Proxmark3 device, bring it with you and we show you how to use it with new firmware as well. We will also have a JTAG tool with us in order to demonstrate the easiness of recover a “bricked” device.


Be at ease with C code, read documentation on Github.


Bring your laptop with a configured development environment already installed:

About the Speakers