Last minute change: Adventures in SCADA

March 31, 2011 (at 2:30 p.m.) in Attack & Research

Adventures in SCADA

Sergey Bratus

Sergey Bratus is a Research Assistant Professor the Computer Science Dept. at Dartmouth College. His research interests include designing new operating system and hardware-based features to support more expressive and developer-friendly debugging, secure programming and reverse engineering; Linux kernel security (kernel exploits, LKM rootkits, and hardening patches); data organization and other AI techniques for better log and traffic analysis; and all kinds of wired and wireless network hacking.

Before coming to Dartmouth, he worked on statistical learning methods for natural text processing and information extraction at BBN Technologies. He has a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Northeastern University.

Edmond Rogers

Edmond Rogers is a Smart Grid Cyber Security Engineer at the University of Illinois Information Trust Institute. His research efforts focus on assessment of electric grid SCADA systems. Prior to his tenure at the university Edmond was a Security Analyst at a fortune 500 utility in the Midwest of the United States.