Reverse Engineering

From March 11, 2013 to March 12, 2013

Participants will be introduced to the reverse engineering of closed-source software on Windows and embedded platforms following a structured approach. All necessary tools and methods will be introduced. Their correct and efficient usage will be taught, including practical examples and exercises. The goal of this workshop is to enable participants to successfully conduct reverse engineering projects in a efficient and structured way. Success factors and alternate approaches will also be discussed.



Bring your own laptop.

Daniel Mende

Daniel Mende is a German security researcher with ERNW GmbH and specializes in network protocols and technologies. He is well known for his Layer2 extensions of the SPIKE and Sulley fuzzing frameworks. He has also discussed new ways of building botnets and presented on protocol security at many occasions including Troopers, ShmooCon and Black Hat. He has written several tools for assessment of telecommunication networks like Pytacle, GTP-Scan, Dizzy and APNBF.

Graeme Neilson

Graeme Neilson, Chief Research Officer, RedShield Security.