TROOPERS14 - Charity

Starting with TROOPERS14, we’re announcing our TROOPERS charity campaign.

For years we are enrolled to one single mission: Making the world a safer place. Partnering with organisations and initiatives who dedicate all their efforts towards a more general approach of making the world a better place was a long-held plan for us. ERNW is humbled to cooperate with UNHCR and

During TROOPERS14 we will collect funds to support two projects:


Project #1: UNHCR – Internet Lab for refugee kids in South Sudan within the #do1thing campaign

Roman Sinchuk, IT-security specialist for UNHCR, flies in every year from some of the most remote parts of the planet to join the TROOPERS community. Roman brought this project to our attention – read his address to you:

Every day there are some children wake up alone, separated from their parents and families, seeking safety away from home, and without what most take for granted these days: parental love, care, security and education. The United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) is assisting thousands of such children in South Sudan, providing them with food, shelter, legal protection and access to education. UNHCR is building schools and now launching a unique educational project in one of the refugee camps in South Sudan: the Internet Lab for the refugee kids.

As a part of the project, ERNW is raising funds to provide the Lab with satellite connectivity. This is yet another amazing example of social entrepreneurship – Thank you. This gesture goes a long way to reach out and change lives of kids in the most remote areas of the world! Thank you for reading that far!

ERNW pledges to donate 5 euro for each KM covered during the traditional 10K run at the Troopers conference by each and every runner! If you did not tried the heroic “Philosophers’ run” before, you have got another reason to join in 2014! Every Trooper matters!

Support the runners and if you run, let your friends, families and colleagues support you on the 20th of March to boost the Troopers’ stock for the big cause! Run with the strongest, empower the kids, give hope!

With gratitude,
Deep field TROOPER – Roman Sinchuk


Project #2: – A social student company is a non-profit company managed by the pupils of Rudolf-Steiner school in Ismaning, Germany. With the profits earned by selling fair-trade African products they support the Mbagathi Waldorf School in Nairobi. We think this is a idea worth supporting! Learn more about it on the project’s website:

All parties of the TROOPERS family can join this honourable mission:

ERNW – your TROOPERS host:

  • For every kilometer achieved by a TROOPER during the 10k TROOPERS Run, ERNW is donating 5 € into the funding pool


  • Run to make the world a better place: Join the 10k TROOPERS Run at 7:00 am on Thursday morning. Besides collecting kilometers, you will also get an exclusive token for the TROOPERS challenge game (which is explained in more length in the opening ceremony).
  • TROOPERS memorabilia: We have a nice variety of gadgets and souvenirs from past events which we will auction to the highest bidders. All proceeds are donated.
  • Going the extra mile: There will be a donation box ready for additional funds you might want to contribute.


  • Some speakers with a corporate background declined to get reimbursed for their travel costs to TROOPERS. Instead they asked us to add those funds to the total donation sum. We like that idea!

The total funding sum will be announced at the end of the event. The exact split between both projects is dependent on the current political situation in South Sudan. We keep you posted on this.

On behalf of the whole team and the organisations involved we thank you for your support!