Advances in IPv6 Network Reconnaissance

IPv6’s increased address space has changed the network reconnaissance game: since (IPv4-era) brute-force address scans are no longer feasible, an attacker or pentester has to rely on smarter address scans and other alternative or complementary techniques.

RFC7707 (Gont & Chown, 2016) has shed light on IPv6 network reconnaissance, and pointed some techniques that should be explored and/or implemented (since there were no tools implementing them at the time).

This presentation will cover recent advances in IPv6 network reconnaissance, ranging from implementation of some of the techniques envisioned in RFC7707, to new techniques or tricks that had not been explored before.

As part of this presentation, a new version of the SI6 IPv6 Toolkit ( will be released, including both new and updated tools of value to both pentesters (targeting a specific site or organization) and network/security researchers (targeting the IPv6 Internet at mass scale).

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