swimming IoT or how to hack a Yacht

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This Talk will show current security issues on modern vessels or yachts. Attacking vectors like GPS, AIS, Autopilot, IT equipment on board and others will be addressed. Modern Ships are “swimming IoT”

In my Talk I will present attack against modern vessel and yachts. following Attack scenarios against yachts and vessels will addressed:  - GPS Spoofing - AIS (automatic identification system)spoofing - vessel backbone, the NMEA protocol and possible attacks - Autopilot (currently working on it) - internet routers on board - entertainment network - attacking SatCom While modern vessels connected to Internet and their NMEA backbone is like a CAN Bus in Cars, this would be a interesting part. NMEA Gateways connecting the Backbone of the Ship with the IP Network.

Marine Routers are worst, as my research will present a couple of holes in a maritime router model that is common in yachts to get access to the internal network. Targeting Super or Mega Yachts in harbors or offshore could be a new threat for celebrities, if private information from onboard are stolen.

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