Introduction to BGP and BGP Security

Networking is considered to be a mysterious concept, by those that are not already experts. I intend to de-mystify some aspects of routing, by teaching basic concepts of BGP and BGP security in a hands-on lab setting.

BGP is becoming more and more relevant outside of pure networking. Developers need to understand TCP/IP for their own projects, micro-services use networking for performance and redundancy. Virtual Machines move from host to host, and need to have network traffic delivered to them. BGP is the backbone protocol of the Internet, and as a Data Center networking protocol for Facebook, Google, and Microsoft.

I will teach you the relevant basics of networking and how BGP is used in the wild. At my day job, I run the 4th most connected network in Germany, and are a developer with OpenBSD focusing on networking and OpenBGPD.


  • Attendees must bring a laptop with a modern web browser that supports HTML5.

  • Detailed knowledge of subnets or routing is not required.

About the Speaker