NAT64 Day 2019 @ AWK

Reporting about some sort of crazy testing day when we placed AWK client devices in an IPv6-only subnet - even though all internal applications are IPv4-only.

“Are you crazy?” our head of IT replied after I had presented my plans for my NAT64 Day 2019 @ AWK, but at the end I could convince him. So, beginning of February 2019 we will put AWK client devices into an IPv6 only network and see how it works. To enable clients to connect to internal and external IPv4-only applications, we will setup an NAT64 and DNS64 infrastructure. We expect some challenges since we have a pure IPv4-only internal application landscape including Skype for Busi-ness, Microsoft Teams, Sharepoint and file sharing. In our presentation we will report about our planning, the technical setup and the experience of that day. This includes information about which applications did and did not work as well as we encoun-tered any application / service degradation caused by the NAT64 and DNS64 translations. We will conclude with recommendations whether and if so, under which circumstances NAT64 and DNS64 can be used in production.

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