The evolution of IoT botnets, including Torii and a smart-home hack. #IoT #Hack #Next-gen #Torii

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Join us for our talk about the evolution of IoT botnets, which will include our analysis of the Torii botnet, including its capabilities, and watch our smart-home hack demo. Mirai or variants of it will not be mentioned during this presentation ;)

Let’s take a look at the evolution of IoT botnets and see how much IoT malware has evolved in just one year. The IoT threat landscape has changed drastically and threat actors are now integrating exploit kits into IoT malware, performing Man-in-the-Middle attacks and using other sophisticated technics.

A perfect example of this is Torii. Torii is a current-gen IoT threats, capable of data exfiltration, stealthy network footprint and known for using six different persistence mechanisms. We will share the story behind the Torii botnet, how we found it, reverse engineered it and gathered it’s capabilities. Based on our analysis, we can predict future steps IoT threat actors will take to further step-up their IoT malware game and what difficulties security analysts will face in the future.

During the presentation we will perform a live-hack of smart home to illustrate Torii’s capabilities and those of future IoT botnets.

Presentation structure: 1. Retrospective 2. Torii a. How we found it b. Backend analysis c. Reverse engineering samples d. Technical Capabilities 3. Future of IoT malware a. Demo 4. Conclusion

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