You (dis)liked mimikatz? Wait for kekeo

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Give some love to another kiwi, then understand better Windows authentication & Kerberos

For years, you have tried to fight mimikatz, first to understand it, and maybe fighting again.

This little kiwi fruit shaped program has given you a hard time, extracted your password, stolen your credentials, played with your nerves and certificates …

But our New Zealand friends know it: there are many different kiwis… and perhaps the fruit is the most lucrative, it’s not the most sadistic.

The kiwi animal may not fly, and it remains complex to build it from source, its effects are not less devastating…I will introduce “kekeo”, the little animal brother of mimikatz.

If you enjoyed playing with Kerberos, ASN1, security providers…, then you’ll love adopting this furry, sweet animal. From its birth with MS14-068 to cleartext passwords without local administrator rights, you’ll know everything about this animal.

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