Fun and Pitfalls in a World of VDSL

Very High Speed Digital Subscriber Line / Loop is currently one of the main choices for connecting private households to the internet. While offering lines with up to 250Mbit/s downstream, the operators also enable us to have a deeper view into the access networks: Cheap consumer grade DSLAMs can be used for interception! This approach offers us a full MitM position between the operator’s access network and the CPE / home router. Thus, giving us access to a few little secrets. The presentation will give a short introduction into all necessary software, hardware and the possible setups. Practical use cases will then take us into exemplary sniffs from actual CPEs and give us an insight into how these devices behave towards the operator’s network / internet. After having a short look at VoIP connections, we’ll go deeper into the offensive aspects. By miss-using our unique position we’ll have a closer look at home-routers and see how we could play with an operator’s network.


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