Hacking mobile applications

Workshop about security and pentesting of different types of mobile applications.

Our workshop addresses security of mobile applications of different types and platforms. By the end of this workshop, attendees will be able to conduct a full pentest of mobile applications. We start from the basics, so no experience in mobile security field is required.

Attendees will learn about Android and iOS platforms and their security measures, in addition to how their respective apps work and their different kinds of vulnerabilities. Of course, there are many exercises and hand-ons, as we understand and attack Android, iOS and web-based mobile applications. You will learn how to use effective tools and different techniques to analyze apps, locate vulnerabilities and exploit them. Furthermore, attendees will experience hooking and manipulating apps using Frida. Moreover, we touch web applications vulnerabilities and their impact on mobile applications.

Our Agenda includes the following:

  1. Introduction
  2. Brief about Web app testing
  3. Web-based mobile apps
  4. Mobile apps pentesting
  5. Android Platform
  6. Android app pentesting
  7. iOS platform
  8. iOS Pentesting


  • Laptop with Virtual Box setup.

About the Speaker