Windows PowerShell for Security Professionals

The training starts with the basics of using PowerShell so as to provide students with a basic understanding of its use and scripting and then moving on how it can be used to leverage multiple Windows Technologies by providing the fundamentals on each and then moving on how it can be leveraged by both defender and attackers.

This class is aimed at offense and defense specialist with a focus is proving a solid foundation for the use of Windows PowerShell and how it can be used to leverage Windows technologies like COM, WMI, CIM and ADSI. Class also covers from how PowerShell is used in the initial stages of an attack, how to leverage it in reconnaissance, persistence and what are the IOCs It generates. Class will not only teach PowerShell but also the fundamentals of the technologies so they can be adapted for WSH and C# where PowerShell will help with the fast prototyping and testing of ideas for both offense and defense use.


  • Scripting knowledge in any language and general understanding on the operation and function of Windows networks.

  • A Windows 10 VM with the latest version of PS.

About the Speakers