TROOPERS for Students

TROOPERS24 Student Motivational Letter

If you are a student in high school or getting your bachelor's or master's degree at a university, you can submit a motivational letter to get access to the main conference and Roundtable sessions. Ph.D. students cannot be considered for a motivational letter, please use the Academic rate to get tickets.

What needs to be included in your motivational letter

  • Tell us about yourself!
  • Why are you interested in IT-Security?
  • Why do you want to attend TROOPERS?
  • What will you contribute to TROOPERS as an attendee?

To be considered, please spend enough time to think about your answers. Give us an insight into your motivation and what inspires you about IT security. The tickets for students will be limited.

TROOPERS24 student tickets include free entry to our main TROOPERS conference on Wednesday and Thursday, and our Roundtable sessions on Friday. While we do not provide travel assistance, please refer to our travel page for information regarding where to stay and how to get here. If you have questions or need assistance you can always contact us at

Student tickets include:

Main Conference

You can submit your motivational letter starting from April 2nd, 2024, until May 1st, 2024. All students will be notified regarding decisions by May 6th, 2024.

Please also include proof of your current student status. This could be a valid student ID or an official letter from your school or university. Motivational letters that do not include proof of active student status cannot be considered.

*As Ph.D. students are employed by their university, we cannot accept Ph.D. application for free tickets. Ph.D. students can however book with our Academic rate.

By the way, ERNW and ERNW Research are the companies behind this awesome conference, and we are hiring! Employees get to help out and attend TROOPERS for free.

We look forward to seeing you at TROOPERS24!