Welcome to TROOPERS!

Troopers16 will be the ninth edition of the great IT-Security Conference, where the world's leading IT-Security experts and Hackers present their latest research.

Troopers provides a networking platform for Security interested people from all over the world and enables security folks from the industry, academia and the research community to exchange knowledge and talk about their work. Again, Troopers16 is going to be an event unlike most other "security conferences": No pointless marketing talks, just high-end workshops with hands-on experiences and most importantly: You'll get real answers and practical benefits to meet today's and tomorrow's threats.

One week of InfoSec - Expect:

  • Two days of high end trainings and hands on experience on Monday & Tuesday.
  • Two days of multi-track conference on Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Round tables to discuss current IT-Security topics on Friday.
  • Socializing with interesting people. 
  • All meals & refreshments provided during the Conference and workshops are included in the registration fee, including our Shared Dinner on Wednesday night!
  • A lot of fun.

TROOPERS16 Conference on Wednesday and Thursday

The TROOPERS16 main multi-track conference takes place on Wednesday and Thursday, and features three tracks. 

Attack and research icon

Attack & Research Track

This track features technical presentations on latest research and attack techniques on conference day 1 & 2. Be prepared to enjoy exclusive content from the hacker community.

Defense and management icon

Defence & Management Track

This track features presentations on defence and management techniques on conference day 1 & 2. Enjoy great presentations on infosec management topics and learn how to prepare for todays threats.

SAP Security icon

Special Track: SAP Security

In 2014, we introduced something new. A special track covering a dedicated topic on the first conference day. In 2016 we will have SAP security again because your feedback was amazing and because we also believe that this topic matters and will contribute in making the world a safer place.

Special Track icon

Special Track "Unknown"

Introduced in 2015 - a third track on conference day 2! The specific topic for track 3 on conference day 2 will be published soon!

Troopers Trainings on Monday & Tuesday

More than 15 trainings are provided for you between 14th and 15th March 2016. 

Roundtables on Friday

From 9:30 AM till 12:30 PM we will meet and discuss current IT security topics. We offer you a chance to sit together with world class researchers, hackers and practitioners face to face. Depending on the number of participiants, there will be parallel sessions with different topics. The last year featured three sessions in total. Check back for TROOPERS16 topics! 

IPv6 Security Summit

On March 14th and 15th, the fourth edition of the IPv6 Security Summit will take place in parallel to the TROOPERS16 Trainings in Heidelberg. Stay tuned for more Information!

There is even more ...

Besides the provided TROOPERS16 trainings, exclusive conference presentations and the finishing round table sessions, we came up with even more to make YOUR TROOPERS week even more enjoyable and as unforgettablle as possible. Evening entertainment, hacking contest, challenges and amazing things to try from the hacker community. See below what else to expect when attending one of the TROOPERS events in March.



Everyone not around the first time knows the amazing TROOPERS electronic badges. They're not just name-tags, but provide some fancy features. During the conference and afterwards. You can also pimp them in our soldering corner with more features and make YOUR bade individual. Details on this are secret for now - You have to join us for TROOPERS16 to see for yourself and get your badge!


As known from the past years, we again set up the famous TROOPERS Challenges. Solve puzzles during the conference, smart-out everybody else and win amazing prizes drawn-out during the closing remarks. Challenges range from easy to hard, non-tech to technical - everybody will find something that matches his/her skill level. Better bring your gear!

Shared Dinner

On Wednesday evening we invite everybody to a big shared dinner at one of Heidelberg's finest restaurants! This is where you can dine, wine and talk about what matters!


If business is war, then the Internet is a Battlefield! Bring your gear, attach your skills and team up to beat the other teams! The Packetwars contest takes place right after the shared dinner. For more information see our PacketWars page!

10K Run

Had to much food at the Shared Dinner? Want to get rid of some calories? Want to train your body or challenge your self by running up the Heidelberger historic Philosoper's way? The bring your running shoes and do all the above! You can even earn an extra TROOPERS challenge token and support the charity program! Learn more at our 10 k Run! 

Looking back to TROOPERS15

TROOPERS15 was amazing! Thanks everyone for participating. Those who couldn't attent watch our Intro-Video to get an impression what TROOPERS is all about.

And for the ones who missed some talks have a quick look in our Archives.

We're looking forward to seen you at TROOPERS16!