PacketWars™ @ TROOPERS

Disclaimer: TROOPERS Intelligence has discovered the battle briefing could be potentially corrupted by evildoers. We're working with Packet Master Angus Blitter on fixing this. Be prepared to defend your system and fight back attackers at every time.

This year's PacketWars contest at TROOPERS16 involves Robots and incorporate "No Where To Hide" themes. So start getting battle ready now as the Robots are poised to take over the world and only YOU can stop them! 
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What is PacketWars?

PacketWars™ is a sport like nothing you have ever experienced! Games known as Battles pit individual players in a race against time to achieve predefined objectives, win prizes and attain FAME. Operating in the shadows of the Internet beyond the rule of TCP/IP and devoid of compassion, a secret war rages. Sometimes spilling over into the “real” world, digital battles are waged to advance the will of the combatants.


Why should YOU be there?

The combatants are as varied as their skills and motivation. Every engagement is unique. It is our duty to chronicle these events. Join us as we open a portal to extreme hacking. Do you have what it takes to survive? Plus, it’s free, it’s fun, and there are prizes waiting for you!

What do you need to do to prepare for Battle?

There will be 6 teams with a maximum of 8 people- First come, first serve.

Teams and participants must register by 1500 of the first conference day(2016.16.03). No exceptions!

This event takes place after the shared TROOPERS dinner on Wednesday evening. For the dinner, each team will have an assigned table. Please gather at your table to avoid logistical challenges.

If you are a team:

Team name
Names of the team members
Name of the team captain
if your team has less than 8 people, be prepared to welcome pick-up participants that will be assigned to you


If you are an individual signup

Tell us your name

There will be a PacketWars briefing session to give you an overview and explain the requirements of the battles. If you are not sure whether your skills are enough to participate either come to the briefing session and ask us directly or shoot us an email,, we will of course see what we can do and will leave no man or woman behind.


BYOL: Bring your own laptop. Power and network access will be provided.
BYOT: Bring your own tools. This is a live competition, not training.
Protect yourself at all times! (Watch YouTube).

​10k TROOPERS Run – Thursday March 17th, 7:00AM Mariott Hotel


TROOPERS15 saw the largest group of runners yet! 24 people participated, raising 1,200EUR for our TROOPERS16 Charity Campaign! Thank you!

Since this TROOPERS classic isn’t going anywhere you have plenty of time to put on a pair of running shoes (although one person did the run in dress shoes!) and level up so you too can participate in the 10K up the Philosopher’s Way! 

Do you have what it takes??? See the details for TROOPERS16 below;

We will host a 10k run on the morning of March 17th 2016. Our fearless leader Enno will lead TROOPERS up the historic Philosopher’s Way (also a great time/place to take pictures!) We will meet at 7am in the lobby of the Marriott Heidelberg.

And don’t forget that for every kilometer achieved by a TROOPER during the 10k  TROOPERS Run, ERNW is donating 5 € into the funding pool!

Check out last year’s TROOPERS15 Charity Campaign to see the amazing causes we raised the funds for.