TROOPERS09 Archive - Agenda

TROOPERS09 took place on April 22th & 23th. The main conference featured one track.



Welcome by Ulrich Parthier, Publisher it security

Mobile Security from an Information Security Manager’s perspective by Jürgen Englert


Keynote: Stop the Madness – The Role of Security Basics in a Complex World

Embedded Systems – “Invisible” Devious Devices?


Rootkits are Awesome: Insider Threat for Fun and Profit

.NET Access Control Service: Analysis of Microsoft’s Cloud Based Authorization Service


All Your Packets Are Belong to Us – Attacking Backbone Technologies

Advanced Payload Strategies: “What is new, what works and what is hoax?”

Vulnerability Testing – Case Study by Rüdiger Rey, Codenomicon

Rootkits – An Advanced Overview