TROOPER16 Agenda

Please note that the agenda is still in the works and thus exact tracks,dates, and time of the talk are still subject to change. 

Stay tuned & Monitor this site for updates.

Time Attack & Research Defense & Management SAP Security

Opening Keynote


Hiding your White-Box Designs is Not Enough

Mind The Gap - Exploit Free Whitelisting Evasion Tactics

Patch me if you can

Attacking Next-Generation Firewalls

Towards a LangSec-aware SDLC

Preventing vulnerabilities in HANA-based deployments


QNX: 99 Problems but a Microkernel ain't one!

Cloud Seeding or Finding weird machines in the cloud crowd sourced economy.

An easy way into your multi-million dollar SAP systems: An unknown default SAP account

unrubby: reversing without reversing

Imma Chargin Mah Lazer - How to protect against (D)DoS attacks

Thanks SAP for the vulnerabilities. Exploiting the unexploitable


I Have the Power(View): Offensive Active Directory with PowerShell

Learn about the enemy – How to profile national APT hacking group

Deep-dive into SAP archive file formats

Reverse Engineering a Digital Two-Way Radio

Lightning Talks

Crypto code: the 9 circles of testing

Lightning Talks

Hollywood Hacking

Hollywood Hacking