Hidden in plain sight; How possibly could a decades old standard be broken?

Software Defined Radios have become a cornerstone in Security Research. As more and more technologies have some form of “wireless” connectivity or in built functionality, these technologies have been systematically reverse engineered, scrutinised, attacked, inevitably with weaknesses exposed. The SDR has proven itself as the platform of choice for research and prototyping. This presentation focuses on how SDR can be used as a prototyping platform. Using a methodology and techniques that demonstrate how prototyping has been simplified, with associated saving sin time and cost, compared with using traditional methods. The area of prototyping is significantly changing the boundaries and lowering the level of entry.

The demo will be focused on techniques that can be readily prototyped, and have very little, if any public awareness. The standard that will be subverted has been in existence for decades, showcasing the case that this field is in its infancy and with many potentials for further work.

Therefore, this presentation, with the concepts, techniques and methodology shown are essential for both technicians and managers to understand, to clearly see the emerging threat horizon and plan, predict and protect from the coming storm.

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