Where is the Conference?

The conference will take place in the beautiful Heidelberg, Germany from June 27 to July 01, 2022. Maybe some of you already heard about it. We had to relocate TROOPERS Conference and Trainings within Heidelberg. TROOPERS will now happen in a completely new location in one of the newest districts of Heidelberg Bahnstadt. The Trainings will take place in the Design Offices right next to the location of the conference at Halle02.

TROOPERS from all over the world occupy this city every year and make it the base of high-end IT-Security education!

Conference Address Halle02:

Zollhofgarten 2
69115 Heidelberg Germany
Phone: +49 6221 3389990
Coords: 49.40277867043174/8.670787769310008

Training Address Design Offices:

Design Offices Heidelberg Colours
Langer Anger 7-9
69115 Heidelberg Germany
Phone: +49 6221 35220
Coords: 49.399169018661745/8.672152469310008

What Do I need to do when traveling to Germany for customs?

Please review the latest official regulations here.


  • If you followed our advice, you will land at Frankfurt Airport, please check its website. Pick up your luggage and pass the security.
  • Make your way towards “Frankfurt Flughafen Fernbahnhof” (Frankfurt Airport long-distance station)
  • Shortly before you enter the station, which is constructed out of glass, you pass the socalled “AIRail Terminal” on your left side. Go in there and get yourself a ticket for the train to “Heidelberg Hbf“.
  • Note: There are some connections during the day, where you enter the train and drive directly to Heidelberg. Ask the staff at the AIRail Terminal for these. With the normal and more frequent connection you have to change trains at “Mannheim Hauptbahnhof” once. This is still very easy!
  • Go into the station, orientate yourself, choose the right track and use the escalator to get to the trains.
  • If you took the direct connection sit back and drive about 45 minutes to Heidelberg Main Station.
  • If you took the connection over “Mannheim”, exit the train after ~30 minutes at Mannheim Main Station and change tracks/trains accordingly to your ticket.
  • Congratulations: You arrived at “Heidelberg Hauptbahnhof”. The conference is hosted on the other side (back) of the main station.

Use the Deutsche Bahn website.

Your destination station is ”Heidelberg Hbf”.

TIP: If you visit us by plane, enter “Frankfurt(M) Flughafen Fernbf” as start and “Heidelberg Hbf” as destination (see above).

Or more informations via DB phone: +49 180 5 99 66 33

German Train 101

  • Hauptbahnhof (often abbreviated as “Hbf”) = main station
  • Deutsche Bahn = German train company
  • Ankunft = arrival
  • Abfahrt = departure
  • Gleis = track/platform
  • Verspätung = delay

Please use your favorite maps application and plan your trip to one of the relevant addresses. Your hotel or Halle02 (halle02, Zollhofgarten 2, 69115 Heidelberg) is maybe the best choice to start with.

TIP: To find Halle02 just try to find Heidelberg Main Station, it is right on the other side.


Just around Halle02 are a lot of parking spaces.


We spent some time to find the very best hotels around our event location.

The new Staycity Aparthotels - Heidelberg is located at the heart of Heidelberg, 5 minutes away by foot from the Main Station and the Halle02. The hotel convinces both rail travellers and individual travellers with its transport convenient location.


Speyerer Straße 9
69115 Heidelberg

Please make your reservations via phone: +49 30 255555795 or via e-mail: heidelberg.info@staycity.com

In a central location directly at the Heidelberg main station and near to the TROOPERS location.


Willy Brandt Platz 3
69115 Heidelberg

Please make your reservations via phone: +49 6221 9130 or via e-mail: H1447@accor.com

Booking Code: Troopers2022

Ibis Hotel Heidelberg

Situated on the banks of the Neckar River, the Heidelberg Marriott Hotel offers sensational views and a convenient location. It is only 10 minutes by foot to the Print Media Academy. With public transport it’s only a 10 minute ride into the beautiful Old Town.


Vangerowstrasse 16
69115 Heidelberg

Please make your reservations via phone: +49 6221 9080 or via e-mail: MHRS.hdbmc.reservation.clerk@marriotthotels.com

Booking Code: Troopers2022

Marriott Heidelberg

The hotelo Heidelberg is an economy hotel with very affordable pricing. It is close to the main station, as well as the event location. There are good connections to the city center by public transport.


Czernyring 42-44
69115 Heidelberg

Please make your reservations via phone: +49 6221 6517739 or via e-mail: info@hotelo-heidelberg.com

Booking Code: Troopers2022

hotelo Heidelberg

The Leonardo Hotel in Heidelberg is a nice option for price-conscious attendees traveling by car. It is a little out of town, but in return very accessible from Autobahn A5. From here you can take a car or public transport to enter the city within 5 minutes. Plenty of parking is available for 8€ per night.


Pleikartsförster Straße 101
69124 Heidelberg

Please make your reservations via phone: +49 6221 7880 or via e-mail: info.heidelbergkirchheim@leonardo-hotels.com

Booking Code: Troopers2022

This hotel is located in the heart of the historical Heidelberg. It is a great place to stay for people who want to experience the beautiful charm of Heidelberg’s Old Town. With public transport you will need 30 minutes to the Halle02.


Leyergasse 6
69117 Heidelberg

Please make your reservations via phone: +49 6221 502980 or via e-mail: info@heidelberger-kulturbrauerei.de

Booking Code: Troopers2022

Kulturbrauerei Heidelberg AG

Close to the Altstadt and just a 10-minute walk from Heidelberg train station.


Czernyring 26-28
69115 Heidelberg

Please make your reservations via phone: +49 6221 6484896 or via e-mail: sales-germany@premierinn.com