All Inclusive NGI

  • A two day blend of IPv6 and IoT
  • Next Generation Internet (NGI) shared dinner
  • 2 days of TROOPERS conference
  • Roundtable discussions with ERNW staff and TROOPERS speakers
  • Special events during the conference

All Inclusive

  • Save (compared to regular pricing for training, conference and roundtables)
  • 2 days of exclusive TROOPERS trainings
  • 2 days of TROOPERS conference
  • Roundtable discussions with ERNW staff and TROOPERS speakers
  • Special events during the conference

Conference + Roundtables

  • 2 days of TROOPERS conference
  • Special events during the conference
  • Roundtables

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2 Days of TROOPERS Trainings

Next Generation Internet (NGI)

Conference Package

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  • All packages excluding 19% VAT.
  • Please note that Academic rates apply to current members of academic institutions like universities and academic research centers. If you have a job at an university or research center, we ask that you please register with the Academic rate, and do not apply through the Student Motivational Letter.
  • Academic rates require valid proof of eligibility (Please send to after registration).
  • Snacks, Lunch, a Shared Dinner Wednesday evening, and a welcome shirt are included in the package price.
  • Tickets are limited, especially for the trainings/workshops. Seats are given on a first come first serve basis and guaranteed once payment is rendered in full prior to your chosen event.

Academic rates require valid proof of eligibility and special booking code (Please send to with your eligibility and which package you would like to sign up for.

Academic All Inclusive (Con + 2 day training) or All Inclusive NGI is 1350€.

Academic Conference only or NGI only is 850€.

Academic Conference + Roundtables is 1050€

Academic Training Only is 1090€

Roundtable participation is only possible in combination with a conference booking.

Regular price is 500€ and Academia is 200 €).

Please note: Our all inclusive package includes the roundtables for no cost.

It’s pretty simple: As soon as you bring at least one colleague from the same company along, you start saving on the ticket price! The more colleagues you bring the bigger the discount! To receive the corporate rate please email your request, the number of tickets needed, and which package(s) you would like to before registering. This offer does not apply to our Enthusiast rate, but only our Early Bird and Regular rates. It can also not be combined with other offers (e.g. discount vouchers) or the Academic rate.

NOTICE: We don't think a limited budget should keep you from coming to TROOPERS, so we have done away with our Student Rates. Please check out the TROOPERS for Students page to get more details on our motivational letter campaign for a free Student TROOPERS ticket.

Or you could apply for a job @ ERNW – ERNW Crew get free entry ;-)

For TROOPERS18 (March 12-16th, 2018) we want to try something a little different, especially since the limited budget of many students should not get in the way of "Making the World a Safer Place". We have decided to do away with the Student Rates and instead ask all Students wanting to come to TROOPERS to submit a motivational letter instead.

What needs to be included in your motivational letter:

  • Tell us about yourself!
  • Current field of work/degree programs
  • Why are you interested in IT-Security?
  • How do you help "Make the World a Safer Place?
  • Published work/research/white papers/write-ups?
  • Why do you want to come to TROOPERS?
  • What you will contribute to TROOPERS as an attendee?

Send this letter to

TROOPERS18 Student tickets will include free entry to our Next Generation Internet event on Monday and Tuesday, our Main TROOPERS conference on Wednesday and Thursday, and our Roundtable discussions on Friday. While we do not provide travel assistance at this time please refer to our travel page for information regarding where to stay and how to get here. If you have questions or need assistance you can always write us at info@troopers. We will have two rounds of Student acceptance for TROOPERS18 tickets. The first round will be decided on December 1, 2017. Deadline for round 1 submissions is November 30th. The second round will be decided on February 1, 2018. Deadline for consideration for the final round will be January 31st. All students will be notified regarding decisions within 48 hours.

Please submit your motivational letter to Please also include proof of your current Bachelors or Masters degree status. This could be a valid student ID or official letter from your University. Motivational letters that do not include proof of active student status will not be considered for TROOPERS18 tickets.

We look forward to seeing you at TROOPERS18!

For our international guests who require a visa to visit Germany, we kindly provide an invitation letter after registration and payment is completed. Please let us know if you need one by sending an email to with your name, passport number, dates of travel, address of where you will stay while in Heidelberg, and home address. We will then provide you an invitational letter for your visa application. If you are unsure whether or not you need a visa this list can help you determine if you need one:


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