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Plan International - Help for children from all over the world!

Plan International Germany is an independent organization, with no religious, political or governmental affiliations.

We stand up for children’s rights worldwide and strive to be open, accountable and honest in what we do. We have been working for over 80 years to tackle poverty, violence and injustice in more than 70 countries.

Our main objective is to achieve sustainable change and to enhance the living conditions of the people in our partner countries. When disasters or conflict threatens their lives and well-being, we are quick to respond.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals encourage us to continue strengthening girls and women and promote gender equality. Helping children in need quickly, sustainably and with Plan - disasters, conflicts and disease outbreaks threaten children’s lives, rights and prospects and damage the societies they live in. Hundreds of thousands of children are separated from their families in such crises and are at the mercy of violence, exploitation and hunger.

Emergency aid is intended to provide immediate and long-term help to affected children and give them a chance of a better life.

Thank you!

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How can I help?

  1. We have a Charity table where items can be picked up for a donation. It includes cool gadgets donated by many of our speakers and trainers, as well as ERNW.

  2. For every kilometer achieved by a TROOPER during the 10k TROOPERS Run on Thursday morning, ERNW donates 5€ to our TROOPERS Charity.

  3. Some speakers decline to get reimbursed for their travel costs to TROOPERS. Instead they ask us to add these funds to the TROOPERS Charity. We like that idea and thank you for your generosity!