IoT to Gateway

IoT means a lot of devices talking IPv6. This could be point-to-point, mesh or star. Latest, when some (not so) smart devices need to retrieve some (potential more smarter) software upgrades, they most probably will go the old fashion way and talk to the rest of the world via a central gateway. So what does it mean, when several 10’000 devices in a layer 2 domain attached to a gateway startup and starting to talk.

We tested it! In our test setup we simulated a lot of clients connected to our Juniper firewall. We not only simulated traffic but also looked how the firewall can cope with such a high number of devices in the layer 2 domain (meaning neighbor cache entries). In addition, we tested concurrent connection setups (new connections per second). In all the tests we monitored the overall utilization of the firewall (control and data plane).

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