MS Office file format sorcery

A deep dive into file formats used in MS Office and how we can leverage these for offensive purposes. We will show how to fully weaponize ‘p-code’ across all MS Office versions in order to create malicious documents without using VBA code, successfully bypassing antivirus and other defensive measures.

In this talk Stan and Pieter will do a deep dive into the file formats used in MS Office, demonstrating many features that can be used offensively. They will present attacks that apply to both the legacy formats (OLE streams) and the newer XML based documents. Specific focus is around the internal representation of VBA macros and pseudo code (p-code, execodes) and how these can be weaponized.

We will detail the inner logic of Word and Excel regarding VBA and p-code, and release scripts and tools for creating malicious Office documents that bypass anti-virus, YARA rules, AMSI for VBA and various MS Office document analyzers.

About the Speakers